Fedor Emelianenko Myspace Layouts

Get your Fedor Emelianenko Myspace Layouts . So if you missed it, Fedor Emelianenko as just knocked Brett Rogers the fuggg out! If you didn’t see this fight, here is a link of the knockout below… Watch it quick while you still can. Fedor vs Rogers Knockout video:
Fedor vs Rogers Knockout Video
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To celebrate Fedors win we are posting up some new Fedor Emelianenko Myspace Layouts as well as some of the best MMA Myspace Layouts and UFC Layouts on the planet. Will Fedor join UFC in 2010? – I sure as hell hope so!  MMA has easily given boxing the boot in terms of pure entertainmnet. Boxing is boring in comparison actually. At the moment the biggest UFC fight of all-time would be a Brock Lesnar vs Fedor Emelianenko. Ummm sign me up for that.
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And in case you dont know about Fedor read below!!!! And def hop on YouTube and watch his vids…
Fedor Emelianenko has an undefeated MMA record. Fedor has had an insane career, knocking everybody out and winning the World alliance of Mixed Martial Arts heavyweight title after destroying former UFC Heavyweight champion Tim Silvia in just 36 seconds. Check out the Fedor Layout for your Myspace Profile below…
fedor myspace layouts

MMA Myspace Layout we made for Fedor Emelianenko! Click to View and get code...

Full UFC Myspace Layouts category is here (2 pages of layouts).  Also, you can Create Your Own Fedor Layout or other MMA Backgrounds on backgroundstation.
Way to go Fedor! 
Chad, Colin, & Lorien  | Clnup Kr3w

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