Michael Jackson Myspace Layouts – Thriller Background

For all the moon walkers out there we just designed some sweet Michael Jackson Myspace Layouts in rememberance of one of the greatest musicians of all-time . We created these layouts for the icon, the king of pop, the thriller myspace layout, and a michael jackson tribute layout.

Michael Jackson Thriller Myspace Layout

Michael Jackson Thriller Myspace Layout

Micheal Jackson Myspace Layout

Micheal Jackson Myspace Layout

Michael Jackson RIP Graphic

Michael Jackson RIP Graphic

Check out more MJ Myspace Layouts and Music Backgrounds or hit up our 1.0 and 2.0 Myspace Layout Generator to make your own Michael Jackson Layout. MJ RIP.



7 responses to “Michael Jackson Myspace Layouts – Thriller Background

  1. sabrina davenport

    i love this site it has gr8t stuff

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  3. I’ll remember…

  4. Michael Jackson is not dead he will be in our heart for ever and in every song he sang.
    You were, you are and you will be the King of POPfor ever, and no one will take your place.

  5. r.i.p. Micheal Jackson i luv u and always will remember you in my heart

  6. mj you were my hero

  7. I LUV u Michael Jackson!!! I’m Your BIGGEST FAN. I Know You Better Than Khadijah, Helen, Tricia, Emykbagus, And Subrina. Actually I Now You Better Than Any Body In The Whole Wide World!. Exept Your Family. They Know You Better Than Me. Any Way People Said That You’re Dead. But In My Heart I Said You’re Not Dead Because If You’re In Heaven You Don’t Die. You NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER Die!!! You Know How Babies First Words Are Mama And Dada. Well When I Was I1yrs. Old My First Word Michael Jackson But I Didn’t Say Perfect. I Said It Like This MiCHAEL Dackson. I’m Your BIGGEST FAN!!! I’m Gonna Say A Word That I Always hear You Say. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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