Cleanup Myspace – follow us on Twitter!!!

cleanupmyspace-twitterSo unless you have been living under a rock a boulder you know all about the free micro-blogging service known as Twitter.

Its probably shapping out to be the biggest tech success story of 2008… Or was it 2007 – I dunno, but its HUGE ok! So we want all yall to follow us on Twitter and we can all be bff’s! Seriously cuz we just uploaded our new logo wallpaper up there and its looks real nice. Go get your Twitter on right now. If you havent signed up for Twiter yet, then pull your head out and sign-up in like 30 seconds!!! We Heart all yall.

If ya still dunno – here’s the wiki

+Cleanup | Krew

2 responses to “Cleanup Myspace – follow us on Twitter!!!

  1. Hey guys dont forget about me – jeez i’m always playing second fiddle to my big brother site.

  2. How has Twitter been working for you? By the looks of it you are just starting out with it, or recently created a new account.

    I recently posted on a Twitter Design Flaw and was wondering if you’ve had a similar problem.

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