Baseball Myspace Layouts – MLB Playoffs!

We hope you are enjoying the playoffs as much as we are!  Cleanup MySpace is your number one source for Baseball Myspace Layouts for the 08 MLB Playoffs.  Check out these sweet Major League Baseball playoff layouts – Los Angeles Dodgers Layout, Boston Redsox, Philadelphia Phillies, Tampa Bay Devil Rays Backgrounds etc.

Philadelphia Phillies Myspace Layout

Tampa Bay Rays Layout

Boston RedSox Myspace Layout

Los Angeles Dodgers Layout

Also, check out our Baseball Contact Tables for Myspace

Enjoy the playoffs, it looks like the Rays, Phillies, Dodgers, and Red Sox are wooping up so far!


Colin |

One response to “Baseball Myspace Layouts – MLB Playoffs!

  1. heheheh – i wonder if NY is upset that they fired Torre? Cuz um as far as I can tell the Dodgers ARE in the playoffs and the Yankees AREN’T LOL.


    p.s. click the link above to make your own mlb layout on our new site…

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