Will Fedor fight Couture in 2009?

Will Fedor fight Randy Couture in 2009? – I say HELL’S YES. MMA is a heartbeat away from overtaken boxing in the “most entertaining” department which has been happening for years actually. I think this fight WILL happen Dana will get it done, and it will be the biggest UFC fight of all-time.

To celebrate this prediction we are posting up some of the best MMA Myspace Layouts and UFC Layouts by the best fighters as of this posting (comment us if you think we’re wrong). And in case you dont know read below!!!!

Couture is 35-0-2 and is the world’s #1 MMA Fighter.   The UFC has tried to get Randy Couture to stop fighting in Sambo – Russias national martial art – in conjunction with their effort to monopolize major MMA fights after purchasing Pride.  Prior to his pro career Fedor Emelianenko has an MMA record of 7-0…this would be a huge fight as Fedore has been insane recently, in July Fedor won the World alliance of Mixed Martial Arts heavyweight title after destroying former UFC Heavyweight champion Tim Silvia in just 36 seconds.

Check out the MMA Myspace Layout we made for Couture and the other for Fedor:

MMA Myspace Layouts and UFC Mypsace Backgrounds cleanupmyspace.com

….And for those of you who don’t know about Fedor, NOW YOU KNOW:

3 responses to “Will Fedor fight Couture in 2009?

  1. This is soooooo gonna happen – Fedor vs Couture 2009

  2. I don’t think they will face each other. The loss to lesner hurt all the hype for a fedor randy fight. All eyes now are on lesner fedor but I don’t see dana signing fedor as long as he does sambo. Its strange that dana doesn’t sign fedor for a one or two fight deal and be done with it. He would win both ways, either by showing that fedor can’t hang in the ufc or him making a killing in ppv sales.

  3. First of all, randy couture is 18-10 in mma and fedor is 31-1. Second…Randy doesn’t compete in sambo, fedor does. Fedor won’t ever sign with the ufc because the ufc won’t co promote with m1 global, which fedor partially owns.. and randy just signed on for 6 more fights with the ufc so it will. NEVER HAPPEN….. you have no clue what the hell your talking about

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