Kimbo Slice Myspace Layouts

The best Kimbo Slice Myspace Layouts are right here free, custom designed layouts. What did you think about the fight this past weekend with that guys ear busting!?! Kimbo is definitely going to need to work on that ground game in MMA. Hit us up with a post and let us know what you thought about the fight…

Do you guys think Kimbo will ever make it in to the UFC ?

Kimbo Slice Myspace Layout

Kimbo Slice Myspace Background

2 responses to “Kimbo Slice Myspace Layouts

  1. i like the layouts.

    kimbo may not be the greatest mma fighter, but the dude sure has buzz appeal. i cant wait to see who he fights next.

  2. @zewkey I agree he is so exciting and has super buzz – if Kimbo can master his ground game he will be a force!

    But currently – get dude down on the ground and he’s finished…


    p.s. click the link above to see all our new UFC layouts

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