March Madness College Basketball Myspace Layouts

March Madness is upon us in Myspaceland. ***Note: Whatever College gets the most comments in this post will receive a sweet new college layout designed in that teams colors.

Your top seeded team layouts are here for the 2008 NCAA College Basketball Tournament. We got em College Basketball Myspace Layouts: UNC Myspace Layouts, UCLA Layouts, Memphis Layouts and Kansas Layouts… UNC is sitting as the top overall seed so go get your Tarheels Layouts here.

Seriously – leave us a comment for your fav team!!!!!

****UPDATE**** Wow, how good is Davidson and WKU and WSU playing in the tournament? We hear you Western Kentucky fans – We have just added a Western Kentucky Myspace Layout to the site. Think we forgot the Washington State Myspace Layout nahhhh here you go! We got your back too Davidson – check out this Davidson Wildcats Myspace Layout

8 responses to “March Madness College Basketball Myspace Layouts

  1. UGA made it into the tourny! Who knew they had it in them…I’d love to see a great UGA myspace layout!

  2. cleanupmyspacelayouts

    Yeah – they not gonna go far dont worry. Go Memphis Tigers!!!!!

  3. Georgia Bulldogs should get a new layout simple becuase they won the SEC tourny..
    Vanderbilt Commadores because they are really good, they had 17 straight wins this year and right now are like 27-6.

  4. Where are the Kansas State, Davidson, Pittsburgh, and George Mason layouts?!?

  5. Where’s the luv for WSU? gonna be a household name when they knock off UNC on Tabacco Row Thurs. just hope coach sticks around another year of two. GO COUGS!!

  6. all of you have no clue what your talking about because georgia already lost and vandy is going nowhere and memphis is gonna go down to texas.
    GO KANSAS!!!!!!


  8. As you may know – we rep TN and GA hard around here. We got fam in both states and call Nashville and Atlanta home. So we can’t believe right about now Tennessee MENS basketball has TWO teams dominating the 2008 NCAA Basketball Tournament right now. When they win against Mich. St. and Louisville we putting up some special new Memphis Tigers Layouts and Tennessee Vols Layouts – believe that!

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