The Man Who Souled the World – MOVIE REVIEW

So I just got back from the Censorship is Weak as F##k Skateboard Art Exhibition at Blk Mrkt down here on the Gold Coast. Whilst I was there I was lucky enought to pick up a DVD copy of the The Man WHo Souled the World documentary on Steve Rocco.

For someone like me who has often wondered how the hell I’m seeing Flameboy and Wet Willy up in Target this documentary was so good.

Its tells about the very begining of street skating, how when Rocco first formed World Industries and Blind Skateboards with Mark Gonzales everyone was CLOWNIN them because they had NO vert riders and said they’d never make it. Heh. Then it goes through the whole history of how they dominated, and then how *Girl Skateboards was formed and took pretty much the whole team with them. Then how World Ind. made a huge comeback with the Flameboy Graphics (whaddup Marc McKee!) aimed at the huge youth skate market.

So yeah this video is sweet def go check it out in the theatre if it hasent already come to your city, the skate footage alone in worth it… Jovante Turner – what. And the Guy Mariano broken board footage – RIDICULOUS!

Check the link for trailer and showtimes and DVD info:

*Note: To find out the REAL reason Girl Skateboards came about, gotta have the Rocco Commentary DVD for that 😉

+Chad / Clnup Crew

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