NEW! + NEW! Free Myspace Layouts

You are now seeing our completed first ever major relaunch of the site. A big shout out to DULE who designed our new Cleanup Myspace logo – we love the lettering and that crazy broom guy rules!!!!!!!!! To those who “can’t read it” sooorry, but we all know what it says!

We are gonna Celebrate this new launch with a bunch of free Myspace Layouts bangers to be released on the site this week. Thats right only Hammers this week … That means new DC layouts, Fox Racing layouts, Kr3w layouts and more.

First up is a new Fallen Layouts and DGK Skateboards Layouts. For the College football fans we just put up new Ohio State Myspace Layouts and LSU Myspace Layouts. Check it.

Please CONTACT US and let us know if you see anything on the site that need fixing… Or just to holler and say hi, and let us know if your feeling the new graphics. Oh and please give us some “web 2.0” love using our “share this” module up there on the top right of the site if you can, we’d appreciate it!

+Chad / Colin / Cleanup Crew

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